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Custom Designed Prefabricated Kits

Atlantic Post and Beam Construction prefabricated models are custom designed! The post and beam sizes and joinery will meet the building code requirements of the local authority and approved (stamped) by a professional engineer.

Using his Doctorate in Wood Science Technology from Laval University, Nader Naderi selects indigenous wood species like tamarack and poplar to offer different types of joinery and exclusively designed exterior walls and roof panels. This custom design makes for an efficient and economical structure.

Offering different wood species not only presents structural options it also offers a variety of colours as well as increased strength. Usually, we recommend that you select wood species with contrasts. For example, beam and joist made of Douglas Fir (for its red colour) contrasts nicely with white Poplar plank/board (as the T&G/Plank board for ceiling or loft floor). This provides a sharp natural contrast as well as moderating your costs.

At Atlantic Post and Beam Construction, we offer pre-cut timber frames and depending on your design preference, we can provide you with traditional tenon and mortise joinery or a choice of exposed or hidden metal connectors.

  • Prefabricated / Dis-Assembled Units
    If the project is very elaborate, large, and long distances are involved, we ship all pre-cut / prefabricated components of the frame and / or shell to the job site. Then, either our crew or the owner/local contractor will assemble the unit.

  • Prefabricated Modular Units
    If the project is simple, we prefabricate / assemble the unit to a couple of modules in the shop. The modules will be shipped to be fastened together at the job site. The size and number of the modules will be determined by the size of the project and transportation limits.
    Modular Unit Samples: 24x24 || 24X30 || 24X36 || 30X30 || 30X30 plus || Water front
  • Prefabricated/Modular Timber Frame Small Structures
    Uniquely styled kits with custom options for creating your own auxiliary structure. Ideal for Guest-Suite, Green House, Garage, Storage and Run-In/Field Shelter for horses or live stock.
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