Atlantic Post and Beam Construction

Looking for an addition or need a renovation? Atlantic Post and Beam Construction can assist you with the design and construction. Always mindful of the pitfalls one can encounter we consider all the possibilities and combinations throughout your project. If need be, we'll replace load bearing walls with engineered post and beam construction thereby providing you with the flexibility you need to manage the space the way you want.

If you would like to add some flavour and taste to plain walls, we can offer a simulated Post and Beam Structure.

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Featured Property (Click here for a slide show)
Rose Dr.: 1750 SqF main floor, 750 SqF loft

Atlantic Post and Beam Construction
  • Slab on grade with in-floor heating system, wall and roof panel insulated with polyurethane foam, R value of R-33(wall) and R-40(roof).
  • R-2000 certified
  • Owner preferred to integrate as much natural features as the design permitted. Most of the posts, beams and arch (curved) beams at the front of the house are from the owner's wood lot.

Atlantic Post and Beam Construction

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