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Wooden species:

There are different wooden species with variety of colour as well as the mechanical strength. Usually we recommend to select wooden species with different contrast. For example Beam and joist made of Douglass Fir (with red colour) in contrast with white Poplar plank/board (as the T&C board for ceiling or loft floor) provide a sharp natural contrast as well as moderating the cost. Douglass Fir is an expensive species and poplar is one of the under-utilised species with low cost.

If you would like to have combination of design, we may integrate your ideas. Figure 2, 3 and 4 are three different design idea through the same project.

Figure 1:
Rustic design through Living Room with cathedral ceiling, log rafter, rough sawn tamarack post and kitchen cabinetry made of sunken log.

Figure 2:
Finished design through stair way. Tamarack post, spruce beam and Douglas floor joist.

Figure 3:
Cottage feeling with all local material. Spruce, pine as the beam, loft floor joist, roof rafter and Tamarack as the post.

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