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Prefabricated Sealed Structural Panel:

Our Sealed Structural Panel(SSP) are a combination between Conventional studded wall and Structural Insulated Panel. The SSP are consisting two studded frame integrated with three layer of skins. from out side to inside there are:

  • Exterior sheeting
  • Exterior studded frame,
  • Layer of Plywood,
  • Layer of Aluminum foil and
  • Inner studded frame
  • Interior layer of dry wall or T&G boarding (Not included, will be installed on site)

Figure 12: Pre-fabricated Sealed Structural Panel (SSP)

The width of the panel are 8 feet and the length of the panel will be designed as function of the given project as well as the transportation limits. The door and window location will be pre-cut.

Overall the SSP system works as a system. The exterior studded frame filled with sprayed Poly-urethane foam provide the strength as well as the insulation capacity. Poly-urethane foam has been used for special purposes such as fridge and trucks with cooling system. Poly-urethane is water base soluble with minimum health problem (as far as has been known) and provide very good insulation value per inch of thickness (R-6, compare to R-3 for conventional fibre glass batt). The thickness of this exterior studded frame is as a function of the desired R-value. The basic panel with R-26, will have 2x4Inches studded frame.

Layer of ply wood provide integrity between the exterior and inner studded frame as well as extra shear resistance. Also this layer of ply wood increase the fire resistance of the assembly. Combination of the ply wood and Aluminum foil to provide a gaz barrier to improve the indoor air quality. Also, Aluminium foil provide a reflective surface toward inside the home to reduce the amount of energy (heat/cold) leakage via the walls.

The inner layer of studded frame provide a base to install the finish wall (dry wall or T&G board. This layout is familiar to all electrician and sub-trades. This familiarity would help to keep the cost low.

The SSP are designed to be used to cover the wall between the Post and Beam frame. Also by a moderate changes, the SSP is able to carry the load individually without having the Post and Beam framing.

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